Admiral Moving is your reliable moving company in Little Rock.


Admiral is your full-service moving company in Little Rock that handles a wide range of services including residential moves, corporate moves, and logistics.


Our Mission
We want to be more than just an exceptional moving company in Little Rock. Our goal is to serve as a true consultant that walks our customers through every stage of the process. We offer full scale moving services that are both flexible and scalable, depending on the needs of our customers. Our partnership with Unigroup and Mayflower has also given us the resources to handle all sizes and types of moves. We proudly service Little Rock as your first-rate moving company.

Our History
In 1980, Admiral Moving Services teamed up with Mayflower Transit to become your most dependable moving company in Little Rock.  What began as a company focused on residential and office moving, quickly expanded into logistics, international moves, storage and inventory management. Today, we now provide free estimates for all of our customers. We don’t view our ourselves as a vendor but rather a partner that guides our customers through every stage of the process.

About Mayflower Transit
When it comes to the strongest and most recognized moving company in the industry, one name comes to the forefront; Mayflower Transit. Mayflower’s high level of exceptional service is unparalleled in the moving industry. Since 1927, they have been helping families and businesses all over the US arrive at their new destinations with no issues. Their professionalism and attention to detail is the main reason they are considered to be the leader in the industry. 
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Our Services

About our Offerings

Managed Logistics
With over 50 years of 3PL and logistics transportation experience, Mayflower Transit gives us the resources and experience to accomplish all of your logistics requirements in a professional manner. Our quality and attention to detail are second to none, and we have the support of a true industry leader.
Residential Moving Company
Admiral’s residential moving services are all-inclusive and will guide you through the entire process. We have consistently been your most reliable moving company in Little Rock since 1980, and we continue to improve and provide our customers with a variety of moving solutions that are both affordable and convenient.
Office Moving Services
Regardless of how far your business is moving or what the size of your office is, our moving company has the expertise, staff, partners, and global support network to ensure a successful relocation. Admiral Moving in Little Rock carries a wide range of flexible corporate services to choose from.

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